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Bartender Vita Simone

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Vita has been honing her craft for the last 11 years at some of the best bars in the Bay Area (and the country), keeping her in high demand at the likes of Dogwood, Prizefighter, and SF’s Benjamin Cooper. Her own concoctions are creative, fresh, and subtly medicinal, but she’s a whiz at the classics too (literally the best Negroni I’ve ever had... and I’m kind of an expert). Soon you’ll be able to catch her at her own spot, as she’s currently working on transforming and revitalizing the mid-century classic Art’s Crab Shack into Copper Spoon Cocktails & Kitchen, set to open later this year. Signature cocktail: Mezcal mixed with Bonal and Cynar, and garnished with a flamed orange Where she drinks when she’s not working: “Prizefighter is one of my favorite spots. I love mezcal -- such a clean high and such a long tradition, dating back to Egyptians' agave, it's the only liquor that isn't a downer.” What she loves about Oakland: "I love the diversity, the weather, and the fact that you can have a yard. When you go out it's a very small community. My heart is definitely in Oakland, which is why I'm opening a restaurant here this year.”

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