Bartender Shirley Brooks
Bartender Shirley Brooks

Bartender Shirley Brooks

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Located on cocktailing epicenter Geary, it might be easy to overlook The European in favor of the bar-of-the-moment, but that would mean missing out on Shirley’s impossibly smooth, yet booze-forward concoctions and effervescent personality. And you... maybe don’t want to do that? Specialty cocktail: The Smoke Without Fire. Smoky, yet refreshing, and super smooth, featuring Fords gin, Lucano, a spritz of Laphroaig, and rosemary sprig. Where she drinks when she’s not working: “I live one block from Nopa, so it is my haven away from work and home. I probably go there just a little too much. Not only is everything consistently good, but they also have the Blue Bottle cocktail. I order it with Santa Maria rum and it's amazing, basically a fancy espresso martini.” What she loves about San Francisco: "I have everything I could want here and there's so much nature -- it's easy to escape city/busy life."

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