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Ask any Bay Area bartender where they like to drink and they’ll likely name this Emeryville gem for its world-class cocktails (and beer) and low-key vibe. While the sunny, dog-friendly patio definitely helped earn it a spot on our list of the Best Bars in California, what keeps this bar so loved are the badass 'tenders who can satisfy even the most refined tastes of fellow drink slingers. Case in point: one of the spot’s original bartenders, Patrick Brennan. Signature cocktail: El Diablo, created with owner Jon Santer, featuring mezcal, tequila, ginger beer, and lime on crushed ice. It's perfect for a warm summer day on the patio. Where he drinks when he’s not working: “I'm simple, I love a great daiquiri. I love the Ramen Shop; the food is great and Chris (Lane) is always doing something great with that menu. I find myself at the new Double Standard -- great drinks and a fun staff to chat with. I can't forget a classic like Flora either, Matty (McGee) is always putting some fun stuff on the menu.” What he loves about Oakland: “The people. Everyone I seem to meet is really nice and outgoing. Even when you get a person having a bad day, you put a drink down in front of them and that frown goes from down to up real quick. I really like the parks and hiking as well -- Tilden is one of my favorite spots in the Bay Area.”

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