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Flora and its sister bar, Fauna, are worth the trip purely for the Art Deco beauty, which’ll transport you to a bygone era. The other thing that will serve as a time machine: head barman Matty McGee’s amazing cocktails (his Ramos Gin Fizz would have delighted Herb Caen). Matty generously shares his cocktail knowledge with the masses in regular cocktail classes held at Flora. Signature cocktail: Dutch Kill, from Dutch Kills in Long Island City, featuring Laird's Jersey Lightning un-aged apple brandy, Cynar, and Punt e Mes. Stirred and served up with a grapefruit peel. Where he drinks when he’s not working: “Calvados and canned beer at Prizefighter, Flora, 355, and The Double Standard. The Double Standard is one of those great neighborhood bars owned and operated by people I really love. Ali Tahsini did a great job getting this place open and Douglas Bedford and Dave Kwon are both great barmen whom I enjoy sitting down in front of and next to.” What he loves about Oakland: “When I moved here it was for the rent. I was priced out of SF already. Then I realized that this town was what I really wanted anyways. I mean, it's such a huge melting pot of old and new cultures. There is creativity and exchange of life experience here and shared overall love for this town that is unrivaled. I'm blessed to have found it.”

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