Bartender Matt Harrison
Bartender Matt Harrison

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Matt Harrison, formerly of the Ramen Shop, recently took over the bar program at Penrose and is steadily making his mark with new Tiki-inspired drinks and other concoctions that match the airy, open space and day-drinking season. Signature cocktail: Roadrunner, a gorgeous culmination of long-lost Tiki culture and new flavors, featuring Fidencio mezcal, Campari, pineapple juice, lime, and agave, with an orange wheel. Where he drinks when he's not working: “For cocktails, I love Hotsy Totsy -- great vibe and drinks. They aren't afraid to get inventive and try new things. My only complaint is I wish it was closer to my house. I almost always start with a rum and house tonic.” What he loves about Oakland: “Oakland is such fertile ground that there is no lack of new places to check out. Each adds its own spin and it's awesome to see so many folks trying their own things. Lately, I've seen clarified juices, house-made spiced rum, personal collections brought into the bar -- including spirits that don't exist anymore or are impossible to get in the US -- and sour beer lists a mile long. That do-as-you-please attitude is prevalent throughout Oakland. There are sparks everywhere right now.”

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