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We’ve already sung Tupper & Reed’s praises for its gorgeous space and Bourbon & Branch-level cocktails (for $10 or less!), but another reason to stop into this historic, beautiful bar is for Justin D’Olier’s hospitality. Not only knowledgeable about the space, he’s a crazy ball of energy, as hilarious as he is skillful with a cocktail shaker. Signature cocktail: Walk of Shame, an Old Fashioned, but with mezcal and Fernet, created by his childhood friend Kyle Reutner of Honolulu Where he drinks when he’s not working: “I do most of my drinking at work and I’m gonna lose my street cred here, but when I’m not working I’m pouring straight from the bottle -- Early Times and a Diet Coke. Because I have a 7-year-old daughter, I’m not out a lot but I love a good dive bar or going to Crogan's for an Irish coffee -- they have the best.” What he loves about Oakland: “The people, hands down. I moved here from Honolulu, which is known for its hospitality, but in Oakland there’s this organic sense of warmth that’s really refreshing. Also, East Bay bartenders make better lovers.”

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