Bartender Dustin Sullivan
Bartender Dustin Sullivan

Bartender Dustin Sullivan

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In keeping with the vibe of this revamped SF institution, Dustin’s cocktail menu merges traditional cocktails with new classics like the Milk Punch and Dark n’ Stormy Slushy -- neo-classics that've made this Embarcadero watering hole worth, uh, watering at. Specialty cocktail: "Bad Moon Rising" -- mezcal, Spirit Works sloe gin, Breckenridge sipping bitters, saba, lime juice, mint Where he drinks when he’s not working: “Trou Normand. Amazing charcuterie, amazing drinks. And Thad Vogler is so far beyond the rest of us when it comes to his craft. His style is so clean and so purposeful. I wish I could think like him.” What he loves about San Francisco: "My favorite thing about San Francisco is how quirky it is. We get a lot of tourists at the restaurant and inevitably a group of naked rollerbladers or something like that will go rolling by because you know... San Francisco. The out-of-towners will look on in disbelief. 'Does that happen often??' they'll say. My response is always the same: 'Welcome to San Francisco.'"

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