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Oakland Owner and Bourbon & Branch alum Ali Tahsini isn’t just the mastermind behind the drink menu -- he also built the bar by hand, from pouring the cement floor to installing the plumbing to crafting the beautiful wood details and wainscoting that line the walls. And yeah, his craftsmanship makes for a casually elegant setting, but you're here for the craft cocktails, best enjoyed on the back patio under three majestic redwood trees. Signature cocktail: International Mason, an invigorating blend of mezcal, Cynar, house-made coffee bitters, and Dolin Rouge Where he drinks when he’s not working: “You won't find me at any one place when I'm not working, but you'll likely find me with a shot and a beer, or copita of mezcal at one of many Oakland establishments.” What he loves about Oakland: “I've spent a great part of the last 19 years working or living in Oakland. I love the cultural diversity, the tempo of life, the beautiful weather, and the overall grounded feeling of the communities. Oakland is my ‘Manifest Destiny.’”

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