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Bartender Alexeis Filipello

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Lexi’s fast-expanding Oakland empire consists of basically every place you want to be. She’s behind Dogwood, its new sister bar Darling’s Elixirs next door, the incredible-sandwich-making Stag's Lunchette, and a forthcoming bar set to open in Piedmont, called The Lodge. In other words, she’s the damn queen of the East Bay. Signature cocktail: A current favorite at Dogwood is the The Valencia, a sort of adult Orange Julius featuring Rusty Blade aged gin, orange/lemon juice, egg white, vanilla honey syrup, shaved ice, and big strip of orange zest. Where she drinks when she’s not working: “My favorite places to drink are either Drexl or Heart & Dagger -- both have different things to offer but mostly they have a laid-back, fun environment and my favorite tequila and mezcal.” What she loves about Oakland: “Oakland is super diverse. Great food, open spaces, lakes, great restaurants, and the people are super talented and artistic. Oakland is no longer the dark little sister of the City by the Bay. Exciting times here!”

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