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If you’re still mourning the loss of the menu-less BIG in San Francisco, Oakland native Alex Condé can satisfy your craving for something new and unexpected on Sundays when he’s slinging Dealer’s Choice cocktails at this bi-level industrial space. Alex is a master improviser, known in bartending circles for his genius-level understanding of the palate. But you don’t have to cross the Bay to catch him (although this spacious neighborhood bar with $10 craft cocktails is probably the place you do want to) -- you can also find him behind Benjamin Cooper’s bar. Signature cocktail: Dealer’s Choice. He’ll deliver something awesome and personally catered to you (we’re pretty sure he has drink-specific telepathy), but he’s partial to inversions and often uses vermouth and aromatized wines in the place of traditional fortified spirits. Where he drinks when he’s not working: “Rx in San Francisco and usually tequila and cheap beer.” What he loves about Oakland: “I’m a native Oaklander and I love it here. It has just the right proximity to the city to enjoy the best of both worlds.”

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